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What Is The Difference Between Calibration And Alignment When Using Celestron's StarSense AutoAlign Accessory? (Answer: Read The StarSense Manual - Link Inside)

Hello, i  haven't used skysafari plus with my starsense for a while

i remember that once i connect with wifi, and i click ALIGN, i  skysafary asked me like below then i was able to perform alignment and everything was fine

Instead yesterday i have tried to connect sky safari with starsense and once i clicked align  i got below message : basically seems that Sky safari asking to add new reference points as if Starsense has been already aligned - Something has been changed?






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    Keiron Smith


    Align the telescope? Tap "Align" to add a

    New alignment reference

    StarSense (1 of 10) Tap "Calibrate" to calibrate the

    StarSense camera on the optical tube

    Using Capella. Make sure the oscilloscope is in place in the reference position

    For "Align" or centered on Capella for

    ‘Calibrate’. If the telescope is not already in place, tap "Cancel" and position it

    Using the rotation controls.

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    Keiron Smith


    The difference is between "Calibration" and "Alignment'.

    Please read the User Guide here:



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