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Finding all stars that meet the meridian criteria in a given time frame.

I am using Starry Night Pro Plus. I am searching for stars that fall on the 0h00m00sec and on the 180- or 0-degree lines. Presently I am just entering each star that passes through these lines on the specific "night" that the star must be found.  Is there any easier way?  I need to find 12 specific stars in a given solar year and test that they are centered on this line with the "day" before and the "day" after they are not.  Searching for this data for three test years, two of which are in BCE.  Thanks for the help. I was happy to find the exact data for this year for June 24 and 25th 2023 (Kaus Meridianalis over Jerusalem). But it didn't match the Stellarium data at all, even when I put in the same latitude and longitude used by Starry Night Pro. I wish that hadn't been the case. Makes any assurance impossible.  But any help would be appreciated. Thank you. -Lisa


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