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[Feature Request] Add support for ASCOM/Alpaca for remote control

SkySafari supports a number of telescope models natively, but if you're doing EAA with SkySafari, you're often using a Windows PC to control your scope/mount via USB/serial.  And some scopes like the Celestron Evolution have notoriously flakey wifi implementations which cause frequent disconnects.  Would be great if I could just run the Alpaca Server on the windows box and expose my scope (and maybe other accessories like the focuser?)  Alpaca exposes the ASCOM API via a simple REST API over TCP/IP.

Anyways right now I plan on writing a little daemon (well I guess in windows people call them "service" or "application") which translates something like the LX200 protocol to Alpaca/REST (I'm not a Windows developer, so writing a COM application sounds painful) which would introduce another "hop" and possible instability.

FWIW, I've tried using SkySafari with WIFI-Scope from SGP, but it seems kinda buggy and tends to crash a lot.

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