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[Feature Request] Observing List - azimuth ranges can't cope with crossing North-line (iOs)

The observing planner search can’t cope with azimuth ranges beyond 0/360 degrees.

I often want to see objects in a certain area of azimuth that crosses the North line. But I can’t enter azimuth of e.g. between 320 degrees and 20 degrees inclusive. Nor can I enter it as e.g. 320 to 340 (i.e. 320 to 20 degrees including North).

All I can do is create two separate lists, one either side of the North line, which isn't too handy then. I'd like to be able to create one list when I'm searching for these objects. (This is because my garden covers Northwest, North, and North East views, so I want to make lists for that view).

I'm using SkySafari Pro in iOS.



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