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Does The SkySafari 6 Pro Align Button Synchronize Or Store An Offset When Using The Losmandy Titan 50 with Gemini-2 Mini? (Answer: Sync)

Mount: Losmandy Titan 50 with Gemini-2 Mini

App: SkySafari 6 Pro for macOS.

When using SkySafari, I select an object and do a goto. After centering the object, I then select Align in the telescope control.

Does Align add a new modeling point in Gemini-2 or does it simply synchronize the app and the mount?

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    Keiron Smith


    I do not see Losmandy listed in the comments regarding the offset.  So, only syncronization must apply.

    Align: This synchronizes the scope to coordinates of the selected object. The bullseye indicated in the sky chart shows where the telescope thinks it is pointing. If that appears incorrect, the scope and the software must be aligned. To do so:

    1. Physically center the scope on a real object in the sky.

    2. Select that object in the sky chart to make it the current target object.

    3. Click the Align button.

    You can re-align the scope and the software anytime there is a discrepancy between the two.



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