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How To Auto Align The Meade ETX 125 Using The Autostar/Audiostar With A United Kingdom Postal Code? (Answer: Read The Meade User Guide)


I got a Meader ETX 125 autostar/audiostar telescope however I'm based in the UK. Apparently the zip code settings are buried in menus? Am I able to put in a UK postcode to orient the telescope's location on the Earth? How do other UK users operate auto align set to American zipcodes?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Alex, 

    Please consult the Meade ETX user guide for info about how to configure your mount via the Meade hand controller.


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    Alex Mills

    So there is an auto align function for UK users? I can't seem to find it. 

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    Keiron Smith


    You need to align you ETX with the hand controller before connecting with Starry Night or SkySafari.  

    You need to configure your hand controller settings for time, date, location.  Your ETX manual will explain how.

    There is no Meade ETX auto align for UK users.  There is no Meade ETX auto align for any Meade user.  Meade do not provide such a feature.

    Also, look in SkySafari > Telescope Setup > Scope Setup > Common Settings > Set Time & Location

    Set Time and Location - If turned on, SkySafari will send the time and location from your mobile device to the telescope when establishing a connection. This will overwrite your telescope's previously-set time and location. For some telescopes, this may invalidate your alignment. For older Meade LX-200 telescopes, this may also cause a delay of up to 15 seconds when connecting.

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