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Why Can't I Find SkySafari 6 Pro Custom Observing Lists After App Update On iPad? (Answer: Read On!)

Hi everyone,

I saw a similar post to this for Android but not Apple. I use SS6 Pro and recently updated the App on my iPad.

After the update, I do not see any of my (33!) custom observing lists.

Can someone help me recover these? Also, I am a nurse, not computer literate in coding or complex stuff, so simplicity in advice would be helpful.

Thank you,



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    Ros Hartigan Official comment

    The normal solution to this issue is to log in again:

    1. Go to Settings/LiveSky
    2. Click "Log in WIth a Different Account"
    3. Log in with your regular account.  

    Kevin's data issue required a bit more sleuthing, but we were able to refresh the data for him.

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    Ros Hartigan

    Sorry for your trouble!

    Can you tell me:

    1) Do you use to manage your data ever?

    2) Have you ever used more than one email to connect to LiveSky?

    3) Did you ever have trouble synchronizing the data on the device, ie, got a message that you had to log in again?

    4) Have you even turned off backup through the app? (go to Settings/Storage/ and turn off Back Up My Data to Cloud Storage)




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    Kevin Nasal

    Answers to your questions:

    1- I have access to LiveSky and I have used it to put observing lists onto my SS6. Other than that, I’m not sure what you mean when you say “have I used it to manage data.”

    2- replied to your email with this information

    3- no

    4- no, never

    5- not that I recall - the switch is slid to the right, right now

    6- sure: ARP Northern Hemisphere, Two in the View, Carbon Stars, Active Galactic Nuclei, some of the Sue French series lists, every single constellation in the Luginbuhl and Skiff book. There were Thirty Three lists.

    Assist appreciated. All I did was update the app, not sure where all this data went but it is definitely needed.

    Thank you,

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