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How To Set SkySafari 6 Pro To A Specific Date And Time? (Answer: Read On!)

I am trying to plan an observation; to do this, I need the app to lock on a specific date and time and NOT reset to the current date and time every two seconds. That is exactly what is happening, I turn off the current time setting, but the app turns it back on. I cannot study the object at a particular date and time. How do I get the app to lock in on a date and time, and get it to stop doing things on its own? App: SkySafari 6 Pro.

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    You should just be able to click Time on the bottom toolbar, then click on a field to change (month, day, year, hour, minute, second) then change it. Upon changing one, it should freeze on that time until you click now. Were you perhaps changing the date and time in the settings > date and time menu?

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