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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro on MacOS + SkyWatcher EQ6-R Using Only USB? (Answer: Read On!)

Could someone please describe how to install Sky Safari 6 to control an EQ6-R mount by MacOS cabled directly to the mount's USB connector? No camera, autoguide, or wifi. Just direct mount control. Thanks so much!

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    Keiron Smith


    On MacOS, you need a USB-to-Serial cable.  And, a SkyWatcher RS232 serial cable.

    From the EQ6-R product listing page:

    The hand controller can also connect to a computer using the supplied RS232 cable (USB adapter available), enabling computer control with most astronomy programs.

    If required, we also sell the SkyWatcher RS232 serial cable.

    Connect like this:

    Mac >>> Serial-to-USB >>> SkyWatcher RS232 cable >>> SkyWatcher hand controller

    In SkySafari, select ScopeType "SkyWatcher SynScan"

    Star-align your mount using the hand controller before you connect with SkySafari.


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