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How to Select A Deep Sky Object? (Answer: Read On!)

How can we select a deep sky object on screen? This problem has been annoying me for ages. 

When a deep sky object is displayed on screen, you can't select the object by tapping on it. You will end up selecting the foreground star. 

Is this a bug or it is designed this way?



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    Robert Nielsen


    You can select a deep sky object, but the trick is to select an area of it where there is not a star!

    I do a couple of things to help me select a DSS:

    - Zoom in, to find a place where I can tap without a star

    - Tap a few time around the area until the DSS is selected (usually takes me about 3 shots)

    Hope this helps!


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    Michael Teoh

    Hi Robert,

    That doesn't work for me. Tried M42, tapping on starless nebula area, the selection remains the last selected object. Same for M31 and others I tried.

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    How far zoomed in are you? You should be able to tell by the ° displayed at the top right.

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    Michael Teoh

    I've figured it out.

    It turns out that you have to enable/turn on the Object Type Selection in Settings for that particular type of object, which will then display the outline of the object, and you will be able to tap on it. Without them enabled/turned on, you can see the visual of the object on screen but can't select it.

    I usually have them all off as otherwise the whole screen will get messy, not to my liking.


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