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How Come Asteroid Observations Are Not Displaying Correctly? (Answer: Fixed In Latest Update)

I have observations for Vesta, Metis and Amphitrite and have just noticed that they are marked as unobserved in my observation list and I am sure that I have observed and recorded them. I checked LiveSky and sure enough they are there. It appears that for at least these three objects, their identifiers have been mixed up with some satellites. For example:

Vesta is showing as 2021-022AB

Metis is showing as SHIYAN 6 03 (SY-6 03)

Amphitrite is showing as METOP-C

I am wondering if a mistake has been made in your database whereby the satellites now have the primary key of asteroids?



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    Ros Hartigan

    Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    This has been fixed in the latest update.


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