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How To Connect SkyFi 3 To ServoCAT? (Answer: Read On!)


I just bought a new SkyFi 3 and had it delivered recently.  I'm hoping to get it connected to my telescope that has a ServoCAT Gen 2 and the latest Argo Navis.  I had a question about the pinout for a cable that would accomplish this connection, however.

When I looked at the document labeled SkyFi-ServoCAT-ArgoNavis.pdf to show how to do this connection, I noticed the SkyFi looked to be an older model, perhaps?  In this document, the input jack on the SkyFi is an RJ11 connector.  However, there is no RJ11 connector on the SkyFi 3 that I have.  There's a USB A connector, a DB9 serial connector, and a micro USB for charging.

Since I'm using a Gen 2 ServoCAT, I assume I have to use the DB9 connector to connect directly to the SkyFi 3, but I'm guessing I should be able to take that connector and plug directly into the ServoCAT with the DB11 end of the cable.  Is that correct, and if so, does anyone know the pin out for both the cable and the DBY connector?  Thanks.

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    Keiron Smith


    Please attach photos of everything included with the SkyFi 3 and where on your mount you intend to connect the SkyFi 3; ie, a photo of the port.


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