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UTC Time Issue (Fixed In Current Beta - Go Get It!)

The displayed time on the SkySafari main screen and in the Now selection in the Time icon/control is one hr behind the actual time saved in the Date and Time in the Settings section of the app. The time in Settings is correct and is the same as the system time displayed on my tablet. Why is the display behind by 1 hr? I have tried unchecking auto DST setting but that sets the time back one hour in Date/Time settings and sets display time back by an additiona hr. (-2hr)


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    Santiago Barroso

    This is solved in the new beta version.

    I noticed that yesterday too. The sky representation was according to the actual local time. I joined the beta version and is gone.

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    Grant MacLeod

    Thanks so much. I will try the beta version. I believe the issue is related to the UTC time being incorrect (1 hour off) as shown in the Settings-Date/Time screen.

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