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Problem setting up Starry Night & Skyfi (Windows 10)

I am attempting to set up telescope control on a Windows 10 tablet using Starry Night and Skyfi. The telescope is a Celestron 130 SLT. The hand controller is connected to the Skyfi unit using a mini-B to USB-A cable. I am following the set-up instructions found at:

I have successfully:

1) downloaded Starry Night 8

2) connected with Skyfi

3) aligned the scope

4) downloaded the HW VSP3 program

5) opened the VSP program and logged in

6) changed the port name, IP address and port number to the suggested settings

However, when I then selected 'Create COM', I got a 'Status:Error' message under 'VSP' and 'LAN' in the VSP window. Under 'Counters', all items showed 0. After multiple attempts I finally got 'Status:Connected' under 'VSP' (and the Com 3 port showed up in the port directory) but I still get 'Status:Error' under 'LAN'., and Starry Nights indicates 'telescope is not connected'.

Looking for thoughts on what the issue might be.


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