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SN8 Installer Error Message: There Was An Error During The Configuration Process (Answer: Read On!)

Downloaded several copies, gets to 'configuring Windows settings', but never any progress and after a long time get failure notice and install rolled back. Tried with Defender off even though no message of any issues. At some point I did get a desktop icon for SN, but running it give a planet database missing error, try installing again, but no change.


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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide step-by-step screenshots showing how far you get, and the last message before the install fails.

    Also, make sure your Windows 10 OS is totally up to date.


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    Eric Lee

    I am not installing ASCOM

    I get to this screen which displays for about 8 minutes with no change.



    And install is rolled back. At some point it wasn't and I ran SN to get:


    I tried uninstalling and then installing but no change. I seem to have an issue with Windows 10 Updater which checks for but never finishes checking, giving an error message. I tried 5 ways to fix so far. I ran Windows Troubleshooter which spent about 15 minutes checking and fixing. The message then was initially that  Windows is up to date, but when I clicked to check if up to date, it again never finished checking. 

    And turning off Defender changed nothing.

    The failure of Windows Updater seems similar.

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