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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + SynScan Pro? (Answer: Read On!)

Hello. I have updated to the latest version of SynScan Pro version 2.3.6 and the SkySafari 6 Pro app version has stopped working correctly. So far I have used an iPhone X and a SkyWatcher Syn Scan Wi-Fi module to connect to the HEQ5 mount. I had both apps running on my phone simultaneously and everything was working great so far. When I opened SkySafari, the phone would automatically open SynScan, sync, and return to SkySafari. The problem is that Sky Safari 6 Pro now doesn't take the real position of the telescope marked in SynScan Pro. I can move the telescope from SkySafari, but since it's not in the real position, the telescope goes haywire. I would like some guidance on how to fix it, or if you can make an update that fixes it.

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