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How To Configure A New Home Location In Starry Night Pro Plus 8? (Answer: Read On!)

OK, I'm 80 years old, and I've used Starry Night 6 for years, You Press Command J and it takes you to a large SETUP Screen where you can 
set parameters to show the Ecliptic, the Names of Stars of a certain magnitude, or the stick figures and Names of Constellations
My old iMac died and I've upgraded to Starry Night Pro Plus 8. I have a new 27" iMac running OS 11.3.1.  SN8 has a great Tour that shows all the things the program can do, BUT. where do I learn how to show the things they show on the Tour?
I try to change the Date and Time to Sept 15, 2023, but the What's New still shows today's July 31, 2023, events & times?
I tried to change location from Toronto CA to Seattle, WA but not sure it really did?
Is there a Manual or PDF that explains how to setup and use the new Starry Night 8?
Bill O'

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    Keiron Smith


    Hi Bill, 

    There is a manual, absolutely - complete and comprehensive.

    Please see Help > User Guide

    What's New will only show you info about the current date - not future or past dates.

    To change your home  location go to:

    Starry Night Pro Plus > Set Home Location

    Enter Seattle in the search field.  

    Then choose Save As Home Location.

    The tap the HOME button in the top left corner.  

    You will see your new home location listen in the center of the main toolbar.


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