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Didn't get a order number or registration number when purchasing over the net.

Hi I'm having two issues with Sky Safari Pro version 7x.

First, technical FAQ and other help are based on versions 5 and 6 but not specifically 7.xx I suppose things had not changed.

Second, when I enabled the double star symbols and names it filled up most of the chart.  Trying to disable double stars symbols and names in the Settings menus does not work.  Then I tired to disable Stars.  That removed the stars in the chart but all the thousands of double star names and symbols are still there.  I tried to find more information on this issue without any luck on the web.  I could only find referral to the online manuals which I already had read on my phone.

Thirdly, I tried to get support on this issue and tried to contact Simulation Curriculum and in both cases they required a purchase order number, registration number which was not communicated to me at the time of purchase.  I feel like I'm in a catch-22 situation.



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