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Tonight Crashes SkySafari 7 Plus On Google Pixel 6 Pro (Solution: Resolved On Its Own - No Update Required)

Dear Support,

When I click on "Tonight" in SkySafari Plus on my Google Pixel 6 Pro it displays for 1-2 seconds and then crashes taking me back to my Pixel Launcher screen.  

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling app but it's still crashing and clearing Storage and Cache.  I did send a crash report several weeks ago via Android's built in crash reporter.




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    I see the same if location permissions are denied. Granting location permissions solves the issue for me.

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    John Ballment

    I've checked the app and it shows that it has Precise location access when app is in use.  As mentioned in the original post I also had tried uninstalling and reinstalling should have reset the permissions as well.  

    Interestingly, without changing anything it's now working today.  I wonder whether on of the articles or light pollution widget within the "Today" section was causing this issue.  Anyway I hope it doesn't happen again.

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