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Starting Beta test with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Android 13

I uninstalled Sky Safary I applied the Beta Tester option in my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with Android 13, restarted the tablet then installed SS7 (Beta).  In help it said version Uninstalled, restarted the tablet. Now in the Goggle Play the app description said version Installed SS7 again, after opening it showed the window saying it would install data files and immediately above a window asking for permission of location but it does not accepted any input. I closed the app then restarted. The same again but this time it allowed to push the return button. The permission window closed and I accepted the installation of data files, then I opened the tablet configuration window and accepted permissions for Location and Notifications. Returned to SS7 and configured for English (it started in spanish by default). Restarted, in the Help the version is In settings again, entered my account in Live, selected my saved settings and started to test. No "Not responding" message until now.

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    Keiron Smith


    If you're encountering frequent crashing or "app not responding" issues please create a screen recording of the issue with the SS7 app crashing, not responding, the error messages, etc.

    In the recording include the software specs and device info.

    Make sure you're running the latest beta.

    Share a link to the screen recording using DropBox or similar file sharing service.

    Developers are working on the issue, but it will would be helpful to see exactly what is happening on your device specifically.


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