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Cannot get SkyFi 3 to work properly in Network mode.


The device firmware is 1.3.4

The device setup seems to work in Access Point mode (still working on getting the telescope to respond, another post.) When I supply a password this makes SkyFi a WPA2-PSK secured AP. Where is this documented?

To switch to Network mode, on the wireless configuration screen, I connect to Network and select an AP in my LAN .

In the open fields I enable DHCP and don't fill in a password, expecting to be asked for one since my AP is secured WPA2-PSK.

After applying the setting change, I'm never asked for a password/passphrase and the screen hangs at "Trying to connect to network, please wait..."

I got smart after realizing the password is the passphrase for my WPA2 AP.

So, next time (after device reset) I enter this passphrase in the password field and the screen works, doesn't hang.

But, I still have SkyFi as an access point at  but I do in fact have it connected to my network at The Wireless Mode is called Client of course.

The only other thing I might try is to clear the SSID name hoping the SkyFi access point won't remain but expect it just won't be visible.


So, I can connect to my SkyFi 3 at but only look at the Status screen. Going to the wireless screen seems to hang .

I can also connect my phone to access point SkyFi then to the SkyFi 3 device  at This way I can access the wireless screen.

I'm not at the point where I try SkySafari 7 with the above. Still testing the app with access point mode.

Does anyone use Network mode?

Does anyone have clear step by step instructions for doing so.

Maybe my result above is normal, retaining SkyFi AP in client mode.  



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