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How To Confirm The SkyFi 3 Charging Status? (Answer: Read On!)

Apologies if this is a duplicate but the first time I posted this it seems to have been lost.

My overall concern is I've got a SkyFi 3 but no good way to determine if it is charging or fully charged.

The charging LED does not light up now. My friend who owns the unit says it did originally light up but it was inside a telescope that fell over, so

I'm considering it got bumped around equivalent to a 'drop'.

Meter readings indicated the unit charged at about 1.8 watts for 13 hours after previously being discharged to a level where it wouldn't stay on.

That seems reasonable based on the battery capacity of 2200 mah.

The webpage at from the SkyFi 3 shows battery charge at -290% before fully charging and now -283% after charging.

It also showed -290% before the unit installed in the telescope.

The firmware was originally 1.3.4 the latest. I re-installed it anyway because I saw a tip on the forum that the re-installation might reset something.

Re-installing the firmware did not seem to affect the problems.

I realize I may be on my own with the charging LED, however a -290% battery charge sounds like a bug. I tried looking at the battery charge status

web page on both firefox and google chrome just in case it was a web browser bug. Same value in both browsers.

I'd welcome advice on solving either of these problems. Right now it is difficult to operate the unit and known for a fact it is charged to go all night.

If I can get either one of them fixed then that would give a good indication that the unit is fully charged and ready for use.

I would also appreciate knowing if the unit is out of warranty at this point. I need to know that to help determine the next course of action.


I have another detail on my problem. The unit was in a telescope that blew over. It may have been

bounced around. I'd consider that "dropped".

The charging light was working before that. Now it doesn't.

The "-290%" problem was present both before and after the drop.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have no problem going inside the unit and resoldering an LED

except that this is a new unit and the warranty might still apply in some way (?).

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    Keiron Smith

    SkyFi 3 comes with a one year warranty.

    The Quick Start guide is here.


    1. Power on SkyFi 3.
    2. Press and hold the center button for 5 seconds, then release. The data LED (4, Fig. 1) will begin to flash slowly. When SkyFi 3 has completed the reset it will flash quickly.
    3. Release the center button and SkyFi 3 will power down.
    4. SkyFi 3 has now been configured to its factory settings.


    The power LED is always illuminated when there is power. The data LED will blink once per second, when the battery is below approximately 25% full power.



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