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Empty Observing Sessions Automatically Added

One issue I thought had been fixed but appears to have regressed (or it wasn't actually fixed and I'm just remembering it poorly):

When I start a night of observing I create an observing session.  When I create a new observation of an object it automatically creates a  new session and defaults to that new session. I have to then change the session to the current session. And since I am working on several observation lists at once (eg. "Messier" and "Pensack 500") I enter an observation for each list and a new session is created every time.  At the end of the evening, even though I have assigned ever observation to that night's session, I have a lot of empty "Untitled Sessions".   I thought that  this had been fixed so that a new observation was defaulting to the just-created session for the evening but I might be misremembering.    A simple fix might be to only create the observation (and  hence the session) after saving the page to add an observation  rather than before displaying the page.  Even if I had to assign the session every time it would be an improvement over having to delete all of the empty sessions to keep the list from getting out of hand.    As the evening progresses I also have to scroll past all of those "Untitled Session" sessions  to find that night's session. I suppose I could delete them as they are created but the process of deleting sessions has it's own issues.

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    Michael Brock

    This corrected it self shortly after I first posted it.   The default session would be the session I had manually added However, for the last two observing sessions Sky Safari has again reverted to creating an "Untitled Session" every time I chose to add an object to an observing session and it defaults to that "Untitled Session".   It does not add the object to that session, just creates it.  After tonight's session  I  have 32 empty "Untitled Session"s.

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