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Is it Possible To Align First With The Hand Controller And Then Use The App For Control When Connected Via Celestron WiFi? (Answer: No - Read On!)

I have a Nexstar 4SE with SkyPortal wifi adaptor and an iPhone 14 on iOS 17.0.2 running SkySafari Pro 7.

I find it easier to perform the three star alignment using the hand controller (I wear glasses for reading but not using a scope), and I can work purely with muscle memory and feel. However once aligned the SkySafari software comes into its own.

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds and align using the handset and then do a simple connect with Skysafari and then drive from there using the alignment already established by the handset?

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    Keiron Smith


    It would be possible using our SkyFi 3 WiFi units, but we no longer sell them.  You might try the second-hand market.

    However, you will lose all the additional Celestron sub-menu options - if that's important to you.

    Using Celestron WiFi you must align using the app.


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