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How To Use Starry Night With My New Celestron Inspire Telescope? (Answer: Read On!)

I’m new and set up the scope and ready to start my first evenings with the Inspire. I was wondering how best to use Starry Night app since I don’t have the Wi-Fi ability.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Stargazer, 

    Starry Night includes a user guide in Help > User guide.

    The user guide is complete and comprehensive.

    Starry Night also includes a SkyGuide (left-side panel, in the program) which offers an introductory tour to Starry Night and basic astronomy.

    For help using your new Celestron Inspire telescope I suggest searching YouTube for videos about...

    "Celestron Inspire"

    "Celestron Setup"

    "Celestron Alignment"

    These results will provide a lot of information to help you get started with, and make the most of, Starry Night and your new Celestron Inspire telescope.




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