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Starlink satellites no longer visible in app

I'm a night photographer who relies on your software for a variety of things, including satellite IDs. In observing and then explaining highest-orbit Starlink satellite flares, I was able to use SS6+ to accurately show what I captured, and address people who think they saw 'UFOs'. Apparently you have made an update to SkySafari and Starlink satellites are no longer shown. I understand why you may have done this (there are so many!!!), but it goes against what you are trying to provide, that is, deciphering the night sky for the masses. Please consider returning visibility of Starlink in your app, or at least design a toggle where people can turn them on/off as desired.

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    I wonder if that only affects the SkySafari plus and below versions? I just checked the pro version and I still see 4966 starlink satellites listed.

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