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Does SkySafari Support The New Vixen SX2WL With WiFi Connection? (Answer: Read On!)

Dear ladies & gentlemen!

I own several versions of SkySafari (6plus, 7plus, pro) all running very well with my Vixen Sphinx old "blue" Starbook, using the Starbook connection option.

As my Sphinx is very old and the Starbook "hick-up´s" I intend to stay within the Vixen family for reusing all my accesories.

Recently they brought out new products e.g. like this

where they replace the Starbook Ten by a WiFi module.

Is SkySafari still supporting these new technology as well? Are there possibly some tests being made?

Thanks in advance & best regards


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    Keiron Smith


    Please see Cloudy Nights discussions like this:

    The new mounts come with WiFi, or your can buy a WiFi adapter, and they have their own app.  So, the connection with SkySafari is possible.

    But, I have no info to offer you regarding how that connection will be made.  

    It may be possible to connect using one of the current Vixen presets, if the protocols have not changed.

    You need to ask other Vixen users.  Ask in CN.

    Also, ask official Vixen Support how to connect from SkySafari to the new WiFi system.

    And, when you find out, please report here to help others users who have the same question.


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