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Does SkySafari 5 Run On IOS 17.2.1? (Answer: Perhaps Not, Please Upgrade to SkySafari 7)

Hi Sky Safari 5 Plus fails to open on my Iphone 2020 SE running IOS 17.2.1. The app home screen comes on then goes off. I have tried reinstalling the app and Skysafari opens once properly, after that it refuses to open again.

I tried to create a ticket but there is no option for 5 plus. Is this app obsolete?

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    Keiron Smith

    SkySafari 5 is very old now.  We are currently developing SkySafari 7.

    You can expect SS5 will work on the operating systems for which it was developed - iOS 17.2.1 is a reach.

    If you want to continue using SkySafari please upgrade to SS7.  The app is far better now, including lots of new features and data.



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