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Wifi connects to mount, but SS7 does not (when it used to previously)

My iOptron mount used to connect to SS7, but not now.

The tablet connects to the mount but the app does not. It just says it could not connect.

- Android 13
- Galaxy Tab A8
- SkySafari Plus  (updated 13/02/2024)
- iOptron CEM26

I have tried all sorts of combinations. The IP and port numbering is correct.

Wanting to connect to the mount is the reason I purchased SS7 Plus.

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    Richard Moffat

    Update: I've spent literally hours on this. I found it runs on an Android 13 phone, but not on the above tablet. The settings are identical. I've disabled the VPN on the tablet, but note that the tablet did actually connect to the network.

    Update 2: now it's working. I toggled Flight Mode on and then off again, and it connected right away; it seems to connect each time now. For now.

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