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Any way of correcting a sub-optimal Celestron 14 to Starry Night Pro Plus positioning coordination ?

I have been happily using Starry Night ProPlus for two years,never specifically to direct the scope precisely. When I follow, to the letter, the instructions for making the view of the scope and SNPP identical, I get close but not exact enough to be useful (about 1.5 degree off). When I press the Sync button (after having previously done an undo sync with scope controller), the cursor moves, but not precisely onto the target. Don't know why, nor how to correct. All helpful suggestions gratefully received !

By the way, all of the software, drivers and firmware are up to date as of march 2014. Telescope is Celestron 1400 Edge HD with 0.7 reducer (which MaxPoint in Maxim DL is aware of) on CGE pro mount, precisely aligned using PEMPro polar alignment utility.


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