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Celestron NexStar 114 to Mac Yosemite (Won't communicate)

I have OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) on a MacBook Air. After many years, I decided to upgrade my Starry Night 3 to 7, and so far no go on connectivity. I have an old BAFO BF-810 Serial-USB connector with a PL2303 Yosemite driver.

I can see the driver and am able to go to Network and configure it to 9600 bps, and the driver shows (usbserial) under the SN configuration, as does the Celestron NexStar/Advanced GT selection.

As soon as i hit "Connect" though, I get an error (after several secs) to check my cables since it's not communicating.

Any suggestions would be most helpful. I was really looking forward to breaking out the scope again!

-- Len



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