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Can I accurately point/track with Starry Night?

The telescope I'm using (Celestron 14" reflector) is in a dome, stationary, but I align it each time is use it.  I can align the telescope then connect it to Starry Night, but since it connects through the hand control I can't follow the precise alignment procedure(in bold below) in the Starry Night manual.

If the view through your telescope still does not match what Starry Night Pro 5.0 is showing onscreen, use Starry Night Pro 5.0 to slew to an object that is easy to recognize, such as a bright star (see the next section for information on slewing your telescope to objects using Starry Night Pro 5.0). Next, guide the telescope using its built-in control devices (a handbox or controls on the telescope itself), so that the bright star is at the centre of your view when you look through the telescope eyepiece (i.e. the view in Starry Night Pro 5.0 will now match what you see through the eyepiece). Finally, press the Sync Gaze button.

Once I have an object centered in Starry Night there doesn't seem to be a way to pause the connection to the telescope mount; if I physically use the hand control it still moves the telescope's position accordingly in Starry Night.  I realize that to accurately track things over a longer period I need a guide camera but can I use Starry night to at least point the telescope within a few minutes of say, Neptune (I can't find it in the finder scope I have due to light pollution from town).


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