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Losmandy G11 setup?

I am using a Losmandy G11 mount with Starry Night Pro 7.(Windows 7)  I have been able to connect to the mount. and slew but I seem to have a coordinate issue.  I am using the ASCOM driver Gemini Telescope .NET.  Where do the "Home" coordinates come from, the mount or the configuration screen?  Does anyone have a discription of the steps to get a Losmandy going?



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    Keiron Smith


    I'm not an expert regarding the Losmandy G11, so please confirm this information on a website like

    I found this web page that says the G2 uses ASCOM:

    Using ASCOM the following setup guide will get you started:

    Confirm the checklist:

    1. Latest Ascom platform

    2. Latest driver

    3. Latest firmware for paddle.

    4. Latest driver for USB to Serial cable.

    Now, about your coordinate issue, please review the following:

    Starry Night time is based on your computer operating system time. The two must be set correctly, and in sync. An error in either will result in a Starry Night error in calculation. For the moment, let us assume your operating system clock is set correctly. So, lets look at Starry Night.

    If you go to File--->Set Home Location--->and then look at the "Map" tab, you will probably see that there is a little red "X" (which represents your location on the global map) somewhere in middle of the Atlantic Ocean or India or somewhere else. The little red "X" needs to be where you are actually located (as a timezone). It doesn't have to be on your exact city, but in the same general vicinity. Once the "X" has been located properly, your Starry Night time should read correctly. Please have a look at this, and let me know whether this resolves the issue for you.

    In Starry Night please check the following:

    1. Go to File ---> Set Home Location ---> Choose your city from the "List" tab or by entering your zip code on the "Zip/Postal Code" tab.
    2. Go to the Map tab and make sure the X is position in the general vicinity. So long as the X is positioned just about right, that ok.
    3. Go to the "Latitude/Longitude" tab and confirm that your "Time Zone" is set correctly. Check the option for "Automatic".
    4. Go to the "Latitude/Longitude" tab and confirm that DST is set correctly.
    5. Go to the Starry Night Time & Date functions (top-left of application window) and makes sure that DST is set correctly.

    On your computer please do the following:

    1. Go to your operating system clock and choose the option to make changes.
    2. Confirm that you are, in fact, correctly set for your time zone.
    3. Confirm the clock time & date are correct.

    If all of the above are true it is not possible for Starry Night to give you an incorrect time.

    So, please spend a few minutes going over all the details above and verify that everything is set up correctly. If Starry Night is not giving you the correct time then something in the list above in not set properly.

    if you are encountering a challenge regarding the setup of the Losmandy G11 mount using the hand controller, then you'll need to consult the mount's user guide, or ask for assistance on

    Please let me know if this helps.

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    Thank you for you comment.  I will go through it carefully and comment back later.  My set up is G1 and I have had considerable success using the Generic LX200 ASCOM driver.  It also uses the ASCOM driver Gemini Telescope .NET which gives more mount control but I have some learning to do.


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