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I would like to see three (choose-able) rings centred on sun of 6, 12 and 18 degrees in radius.

These represent the beginning/end of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight, respectively.  Having these rings would, as the sun went below the horizon or was approaching it, show the commencement or end of those twilights.


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    Toad Rocket

    I'd like to suggest a related feature. Under the time and date controls, there are buttons for "Now", Sunset and Sunrise. Would you please add the ability to set the time to astronomical or civil twilight end or start? Knowing sunset time is very nice, but the times of Astronomical and Civil Twilight are also important to know.


    Thank you

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    Romain Van Aelst

    I would also like to able to generate an Ephemeris containing this data.

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