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Run from external USB drive - OSX - and all others.

Is it possible to install and run Starry Night Pro Plus 6 for OS X 10.7 on an external USB Drive? Starry Night Pro Plus 6 for previous versions of OS X use to have a very useful feature for me that was the fact of being able to install the minimum software on the internal hard disk and then have the DVDs mounted on an external DVD drive to access the huge data bases on an as needed basis. Now with the new version for OS X 10.7 all the software comes in a single package and there is no option during the installation procedure to install only the minimal part in the internal hard drive and to leave the rest of the package to be accessed from an external drive.


Please advise. Thanks a lot and happy holidays !

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    Consider such a feature for all supported operating systems.

    Kindest regards,

    Stephen Blair, Milwaukie, OR

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