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Revert to Version 6 interface / views.

I have both Version 6 and Version 7.  I so much liked the interface with Version 6 and find the version 7 extremely difficult to use.  Everything from the version 6 tabs on the left vs the right (they are even completely different ways to interact with and get to what you are looking for)  to zooming and graphical presentation..   Version 7 is so user unfriendly that I will not use it.  I keep going back to Version 6.  I would be happy to provide specific examples (there are quite a few),  if it would make any difference.  However, with the current product, I would not invest / purchase a similar product.  I would have to look elsewhere. 

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    dazza gee

    I have to completely agree with Michael's comments, in fact, this is the reason I have just come to the forum following making similar comments via Private Message to the Starry Night Software Facebook page.

    Like Michael, my Version 7 is "parked" and I only ever use it if there is a (new) feature that I need to use which is not available in version 6, and when I do, I often find that I can't get the interface to work as well as V6, or the feature I'm wanting to use is not working (such as the view from the SOHO space solar observatory or one of the two STEREO observatories).

    As I use Starry Night in my YouTube videos, I often get inquiries from people interested in buying the product.  Sadly I cannot recommend version 7 and always recommend that they buy version 6 if at all possible.  I have recently been told by Starry Night that Quicktime (in V6) is no longer supported by Apple and is now vulnerable.

    I would very much like to see a return to the V6 user interface with the suitable new features of V7 added (such as the solar spacecraft which are important for my work).

    As far as I know, there are many people who do not like the new interface and like Michael and I, do not use version 7 even though we have purchased it and would not pay for a new version or update with the same interface.

    Starry Night Software, please poll your users about their user interface preference.  

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