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Restore F8 Key (Hide Controls) in SNP 7

Just about every illustration I see posted by the Starry Night staff on social media, or illustrations appearing in articles, made using Starry Night 7 is missing one thing from the original Starry Night 7 display:  there are no controls visible.  Whenever I use "Export Sky View" to save a graphic of what I have displayed on Starry Night Pro Plus 7, it's missing one thing:  there are no controls visible in the saved graphic either.  Why is this?  The answer is obvious — because when Starry Night 7 was being created, someone understood that the visible controls distract from what it is you want to show.  They get in the way.  Imagine instead if every time someone wanted to share an image made using Starry Night 7 on social media or online, including the staff, the saved image was forced to include the visible controls.

That's what it feels like with Starry Night 7 being unable to toggle off the visible controls when using it during presentations.  Or even just when you simply want to display nothing but a field of stars on your screen.  The controls (top and bottom) are all stuck there.

Every version of Starry Night Pro or Pro Plus, as far as I can recall for the past 10 years or more (and I've owned almost all of them), has had an F8 key option to "Hide (the) Controls" for just such reasons -- for those uses when the visible controls get in the way and you want to hide them.  That is, until Starry Night 7.   Having the F8 key "Hide Controls" option back would really be very helpful.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks for the feedback Jim.  We'll certainly explore the possibility of allowing users to hide the very top toolbar.  But, aside from that, if you use Full Screen (fn F7), and close the side panels, you are left with almost no visible controls.



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