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The Star of Bethlehem (dvd)

The Star of Bethlehem DVD

Quotes about the dvd include: "well-researched and reasonable..." "models the scientific method at its best..." "this explanation of the Star is compelling..."

The author Frederick A. Larson has inspired many like-minded and curious Starry Night users to use the program for their own fact-finding investigation.

If you are one of these like-minded archeo-astronomers, feel free to share your discoveries, ask questions, and meet other like yourself, here is the Starry Night Forum. 

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    I am one of  those folks that purchased Starry Night to confirm Mr. Larson's intrriguing "Star of Bethelem" DVD. Myfirst  question is,  How do I remove the brown .shadow on Venus' surface when it is in conjunction with Jupiter on June 17, 2 BC, between the hours of 8 to 10 PM, as viewed from Babylon, Iraq?  My second question is, How can i figure out the last and next times that a Jupiter-Venus conjunction occurred in Leo? If the conjunction in Leo is  rare, it would reinforce the suggestion that it was the reason why the Maji traveled  from Babylon tio Jerusalem.


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