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How can I turn off labels of dwarf planets (e.g. Ceres) and leave major planets labeled?

Want to display solar system with major planets and their orbits, but I do not want the view cluttered by dwarf planets. Since there are all these objects now labeled dwarf planets, the database control buttons turn on/off everything real planets and dwarf planets.

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    Kevin Weiner


    I am a fellow end-user and I saw your request to turn off the labels of dwarf planets and have an uncluttered view of the solar system’s major planets. I may be able to help you with this.

    Starry Night has many options that give you total control over the simulation. Because we need to position ourselves in 3 dimensional space and define where we are looking as well as what we want to see there are a few steps. In time and with practice this will be second nature.

    Please try these steps and let me know if this gets you the presentation you need.

    Because I cannot know what custom settings you may have we need a common starting point. Please start Starry Night and from the top menu select “Favourites”, “Local View”, New Millennium”.

    From the ‘Viewing Location’ dropdown select “Other...

    From the ‘View From’ dropdown select “stationary location

    Enter the following data: (we will not be using X, Y, or Z)

    Radius: 50 au

    Theta: -31 (minus 31)

    Phi: 258

    Click the button “Go To Location

    From the top menu select “Edit”, then “Find” (or press Ctrl + F)

    Right Click in the word “Sun” and select “Center

    Select the objects you want labeled by placing a check mark in the box just to the left of each object’s name. For example click in the boxes to the left of the sun and major planets.

    Now, let’s turn on the orbit lines by placing a check mark in the box to the right of the object’s name.

    If I interpreted what you are looking for correctly the screen should be real close to what you need.

    Use the “Location Scroller” tool to drag the screen into an orientation that meets your needs. The “Location Scroller” tool is selected from the dropdown to the left of the Time and Date display.

    Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.

    Kevin Weiner
    Amateur Astronomer
    Chesapeake, VA, USA

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