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Can't seem to get GJ 667C to be identified by software, have gone over ever inch of Scorpius and it is not listed. Am I searching with the wrong catalog???

Thought I should be able to quickly find the sky location of the latest super earth, went to the coordinates and there is nothing

there and nothing named that anywhere in the vicinity.  Just want to be able to show folks where in the sky (in Scorpius) the 

system resides but the software not only dosen't react to the name during searches but doesn't seem to have any knowledge of

a triple star system within 22 light years of earth.  This strikes me as something important missing and if this isn't in there or updated,

what eles is missing.


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    Geoff Gaherty

    Hi Rich,

    There are multiple catalogs of faint stars, so that any particular star may have several catalog designations. The people who search for extrasolar planets often use the Gliese catalog, but Starry Night uses a conflation of several other catalogs. You can look up all the alternatives on the SIMBAD web site, but I find it easiest just to use Starry Night's "Centre On..." command under the "Edit" Menu. I first went to Wikipedia and looked up Gliese 667 to get its coordinates (inJ2000 epoch). I entered these under "Centre On..." and zoomed in to find TYC7370-850-1 and TYC3370-850-2. These seem to be the A and B components of this star. They are a good match for brightness and position.

    Geoff Gaherty/Starry Night Software Support

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