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Help, can't change local horizon!

I have Starry Night Pro Plus 6.4.3 and OS X 10.8. I can not change the Horizon. When I click on another panorama, it will not change. Also when I start up Starry Night, the picture (horizon and stars) will show up for a second then disappear. When I resize the window or hit the panel on the left, it will return. Thanks for any help.

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    I was experiencing the same problem  [Options > Other Options > Local Horizon > Photorealistic] but it does not change the local horizon.  Apparently, that sequence is strictly for changing the local horizon of unsaved locations...

    Solution: Select Options> Viewing Location.   Confirm that your desired (saved) location is highlighted and near the bottom right of the dialog box, choose "Select Panorama".  After selecting a new image, select "Go To Location" or "Return Home".  Both options will return you to the main view with your newly selected horizon.

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