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Why is the AM and PM data backwards?

With a home location of Durham, NC on daylight saving time at 9:32PM the date and time drop down show sunrise at 8:16PM and sunset at 9:11AM and daylight is also reversed. When I start up the software at night I have to use Control D to get rid of the daylight.

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    Keiron Smith

    Starry Night time is based on your computer operating system time. The two must be set correctly, and in sync. An error in either will result in a Starry Night error in calculation. For the moment, let us assume your operating system clock is set correctly. So, lets look at Starry Night.

    If you go to File--->Set Home Location--->and then look at the "Map" tab, you will probably see that there is a little red "X" (which represents your location on the global map) somewhere in middle of the Atlantic Ocean or India or somewhere else. The little red "X" needs to be where you are actually located (as a timezone). It doesn't have to be on your exact city, but in the same general vicinity. Once the "X" has been located properly, your Starry Night time should read correctly. 

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