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What is the width of teh galactic equator? Why does the sun oscillate to and fro as it precesses?

Originally from ticket #8095.

What is the relative width of the galactic meridian known on your program as the galactic equator?
Is that the same s the galacitc H-1 plane. Please correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that the imaginary galactic plane H-1/equator is designated to be 1 degree wide. My other question has to do with the sun's movement as one advances or retreats in time by 1 year increments. It appears as if the sun oscillates in a to and fro movement over a 4 year cycle as it precesses.
What causes the sun to oscillate as it does?

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    Dave Whipps


    I'm not sure I understand what exact feature you're referring to when you ask about the width of the galactic meridian/equator in our program. Could you send an annotated screenshot?

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