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Is it possible to compute exact solstice and equinox dates/times?

Originally from ticket #8110.

I saw one question in the forum re solstice dates, but I don't need to calculate many of them over thousands of years. Is it possible to just list the exact solstice/equinox dates and times for several years in the future?

Also, there is no temperature given for the sun. Most other stars have their temperature and spectral type listed, but only the spectral type is given for the sun.


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    Dave Whipps

    Starry Night does not have a specific feature to list these, but it's possible to calculate the exact moment of solstice/equinox by setting to the approximate date and then setting the time such that the position of the Sun matches the criteria for the event. But really, there are easier ways to get these values. Start with Wikipedia. If you need dates further into the future, there are solstice/equinox calculators/tables out there on the web:

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