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Has anyone seen a problem moving a Celestron goto scope in the vicinity of Orion's belt?

I have SNP plus running on windows 7, talking to my Celestron 9.25 on a CGEM mount. All functions work great. I typically align the scope then connect to SNP and the cross hairs mark shows on SNP exactly where the scope is pointed.

I can slew to any object on SNP and have the scope follow. If I do a sync on SNP to a bright star near my faint fuzzy, SNP will point the telescope to within 5-10 arc min of the object I slew to.....Except in the vicinity of Orion's Belt. 

I can slew to Betelgeuse and Rigel, but not to any star near M42 or the Belt. When I manually move to a belt star and say sync, the cross hairs default back to the galactic north pole. I have to start my alignment all over again. When I rt mouse click on a belt star and say slew to, the telescope goes to galactic  north pole.

This was the case with SNP, SNP plus, windows Xp and windows 7 and using an old Celestron Advanced mount and a CGEM.  It only happens near Orion's Belt, nowhere else in the sky. Any suggestions?

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    Richard Bernstein

    Just found your post while looking for an answer to this ongoing problem. Yes!  I'm avoiding sync-ing altogether in Starry Night Pro because it reverts to galactic north (and tells the scope so, too!).  I don't know how to recover from this...   Celestron CGEM, Maxim DL, Starry Night Pro

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