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Installing new planet texture? (Starry Night Dome)

This may be a very abtruse question, of interest only to a very few people, but I thought I'd give it a try. I use Starry Night Dome to create the sky in my planetarium (which is marvelous, BTW).

I wish to change the texture/surface image/model (I see it referred to in all three ways) of Venus to match its real, white-light appearance. My version of SN 6 has two choices: cloudy bands and X-ray surface (those aren't the names, but that's what they are). I mean, you never see cloudy bands when you look at it in a telescope!

I successfully added a white image on my desktop version of SN (on a Mac). When I do the same in my planetarium theater, a Spitz SciDome, it looks fine (a nice, white Venus) on the Preflight computer monitor (which controls the whole process), but no image appears at all on the dome from Renderbox, the computer that warps and displays the sky image on the dome.

I'm using Graphic Converter to change the .dds files to pure white. I suspect GC is not saving in a format that SN (on Renderbox, anyway) understands, but there may be something else going on.

I understand this should be directed at the folks who manufactured my system, but I have done so, and so far we can't figure out between us what the problem is. Thanks for any suggestions!

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