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why can't I run my autoguider and starry night pro at the same time?

I can only connect the scope to either my DSI autoguider or Starry Nights but can not connect both during imaging sessions.

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    Marko Kudjerski


    Starry Night can connect to your telescope separately from an autoguider. Meanwhile you could connect Meade DSI to another software like PHD Guiding available here for free. Starry Night itself, however, cannot connect to both but if you use PHD Guiding for autoguiding and Starry Night for telescope control that pairing can work well.

    There is more information about using autoguiding with any planetarium software on, specifically this thread about Lodestar autoguider and Starry Night and this one about using Meade DSI with a PC.

    Note this comment by WIllCarney from the first thread listed:

    Starry Night will still connect through the hand controller and serial-usb cable. Seperate from the ST-4. You don't need to disconnect Starry Night while guiding but you will need to stop guiding before going to your next target. Some do forget this. The on camera does not interfer with Starry Night.

    And this one by astroRoy:

    You need to seperate the two programs. Think of Starry Night as your planetarium software only. It is seperate from PHD. It stands alone and just enables you to slew to objects - end of story. Then think of PHD as your guiding software. Once a guide star is found, you start tracking it and PHD is stand alone as well. The two programs are NOT interconnected and don't "talk" to each other and each will function by its self. A problem with one has no effect on the other. If you are having problems with both programs, work on one until it functions, then work on the other - divide and conquer.

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