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FOV orientation not correct ? What do I miss ?

Hello !

There's something not working properly on this program. I dont get a correlation between my prep and the real thing in the sky.
I'm starting from SN's "Home" position, with the camera straight. (long length of the DSLR's Liveview parallel to the ground)
I slew to the object I want to shoot and turn the FOV frame so as to get it good.
I get back to the home position to see how I should orient my camera
I orient the camera the way I have it on the home position, but there appears to be a 90° inversion between what I get for real in the sky nd what SN tells me.


So I must have left out an option somewhere, but I have no clue what...
Thanx for your input if you have a solution t this...
Best regards

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