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DSLR to be added to equipment list

It appears that you are unable to add a DSLR sensor size to your equipment list in order to generate a realistic FOV of your equipment along with the selected scope?  Every other planetarium software I have used has this capability but not this one unless I am wrong.  Please help...


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Zach, 

    What Starry Night program are you using?


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    Tim Campbell

    Zach, in Starry Night, click (from the main menubar)

    Edit -> Edit Equipment List...

    This will open a sub-window with a number of categories.  There is a "DSLRs" category that will let you add cameras.  You can either add the camera "From list..." (quite a few popular cameras are already in the database, so you can pick the camera from the list of popular cameras if you have one of them) -OR- you can use "New..." and enter the necessary information.  You'll need to know the physical dimensions of your sensor (in millimeters).  Most DSLRs use APS-C size sensors so the values are very close to roughly 23mm wide by 15mm tall (each vendor or model will be fractionally different but probably not by more than a millimeter.)  Full frame sensor cameras will be very close to 36mm x 24mm.

    Starry Night Pro 7 and Starry Night Pro Plus 7 certainly have this feature... but I'm not sure if the other versions have this feature.  I suspect this is why Keiron is asking you which version you are using.

    I do use this feature often and can confirm it works.  Let me know if for some reasons it's not working for you and perhaps we can check your configuration to make sure everything is setup correctly.


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