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Can we use the built-in updater from now on?

Today's build (I think it was was the first one to prompt me that an update was available. I used that feature to download and install a very small update and ended up with Can we use this built-in updater from now on instead of downloading the huge daily builds?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Todd, 

    Yes, indeed!   If the built-in updater is working on your build then thats all you need to stay current with the latest beta.

    Note, the Windows updater was not fully functional until the 24th.  So, any Windows user that is using a build downloaded prior to the 24th should download again from and then use the built-in updater.


    Thanks, Todd!

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    Jeffry Turner (DaltonSkyGazer)

    Hello Keiron I was able to use the update without issue, I do have one question though, every time I open the beta program I have to add my user name and registration data again, is this normal?

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